Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Lyric Canvas

Carrying on with Christmas decorations from my Christmas Craft list. Today we venture to the two canvases with Christmas hymn lyrics.  Now, I made these in two different ways and got pretty much the same results.

The Simple Supplies:
Lyrics printed out -- I got these prints from Landee See, Landee Do
Knife & Cutting Board
Canvas (or two)
Paint colors of choice -- I used a shimmer white as a base coat with Christmas Green and Red for the 'filler' space

The Simplified Steps:
Step One - Paint the shimmer base coat on both canvases

Step Two- Cut your printed lyrics down to the size of the canvas, so it fits in the back of your canvas

Step Three - Hold your canvas (with the paper tucked in the back of it) up to a window or light so you can see through and have the pattern in front of you. Trace the pattern onto the front side of your canvas

Step Four - Paint in the background with your color of choice, covering the pencil markings as you go.

Step Five - After your canvas has dried, hang it up!

Sounds, simple right? How could I have screwed this up and made this take an ENTIRE day, for the first canvas I painted? 

Well, you see, instead of having the genius idea to simply hold the canvas up to light and trace the pattern onto the canvas....I used a knife and cut out all of the letters. This along took a good amount of time. Then with the background pieces, I taped them together on canvas like puzzle.  Next, I finally outlined where every letter would be. These steps again, taking a very long time. Finally I was able to paint in the background.

Boy, am I thankful I was able to come up with the tracing idea for the second canvas, otherwise these two projects probably wouldn't have been worth the time and effort.

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